Alura's Lord of the Rings Online Kinship has had a full events schedule update including:

Lotro Raid Sign Ups & new Anvil of Winterstith Raid Time

Weekly Lotro Horse Races

Just Do It Day - get help in-game.

Weekly Friday night Instance runs

The kinship is in full swing with recruiting right now and we are looking for players of all levels. We have a lot of people leveling up right now and looking for more on-level instance runs. Further, we are hoping to expand our raiding teams and fill current available positions with permanent players. Alternatively, sign up for a casual standby role and come along to our weekend raids whenever you can. So far, the team and some helpful pugs/friends have completed Anvil of Winterstith T1 3 times and added a badass dragon ice sculpture to the kinhouse along with our recently added Premium and F2P ingredient crates. 

Alura's Lotro Kinship is also still recruiting new Officers to help manage the kinship, raiding team, and events. Please contact Vaxa in-game, on the website, or on Discord for more information or if you're interested in an Officer position/role. 

Join us in Discord for weekly game giveaways, quick links to tips & advice, Lotro LFG, and of course to chat with our fantastic kin members. Also, check out these useful Lotro quick links:

Lotro Kinship Info & Code of Conduct

Alura Kinship Crafters

Alura Chat Channel

Lotro Gallery

One of the Alura Raids and Bandabald at the kinhouse mounting the ice sculpture - I mean riding his dragon mount.